Genetic Testing

Over 4 billion prescriptions are filled each year

The solution is here — in your DNA
Genetic factors can account for up to 95% of drug-response variability and susceptibility In other words, how a drug will—or won’t—work for a particular individual.

Have you ever wondered why a medicine did not work for you when it worked for someone else? Or why you had a side effect from your medication while others taking the same medicine did not? Pharmacogenomics may provide the answer. Genetic Testing identifies how your genes affect your response to medications.

Genetic testing can help
A simple test can reveal how your body is likely to process many common medications. Your doctor can act on the results to prescribe medications with less risk of side effects, including bad reactions. Genetic testing also helps your doctor find the most effective medication and dose for you.

What is genetic testing?
Your genetic makeup is different from everyone else’s. Gene variations are responsible for differences in everything from hair and eye color to how your body breaks down medications. Genetic testing is the only way to find your unique gene variations.

How can genetic testing help me?
Because different enzymes break down different medications, knowing which gene variations you have is important to know what medications will work for you. Genetic testing gives you and your
doctor valuable information about how you will respond or not to certain medications. This information helps prevent side effects.

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