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Vivitrol has been proven affective in the treatment of alcoholic and opiate addictions. It supresses the abilty to feel a “high.” If you or a loved one are a good canidate for this treatment, schedule a consulation today.


Suboxone is used for the treatment of opiate dependence. It has been proven as one of the first drugs to help treat dependency from the comfort of your doctor’s office. Here at Awakenings KC we provide Suboxone in conjunction with our Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program.


Knowing about a patient’s genetic profile can increase our ability to select a medication that is more likely to be effective and less likely to cause side effects. A simple test of saliva sampling is all it takes to find you the correct medications.


 Most recently we have been educating others on a new form of treatment for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new interest to many patients who have found prescriptions just aren’t working. Contact to schedule your CEU today!

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Here at Awakenings we pride ourselves in restoring hope. Please contact us to begin your journey today.


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