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Dr. Davila has been instrumental in empowering me to deal with my disease. She understands my personal needs. She has more often helped me find answers to my disease. This greatly helped me manage my life and given me great hope and expectations for my future.

To  anyone who is thinking of seeing Dr. Davila, she can and will make a difference in their quality of life.

June 27, 2017


Thank you for all the kindness and insight and help you provided for me, and the entire group. I needed one thing and came away with so much more. I will always look at this time in my life and know that I couldn’t have made this decision without the the support of you and the IOP group

May 11, 2017


I don’t really have the right words to thank you, but I want you to know that you and this program have made a world of difference especially in this stressful uncertain times in my life. Thank you and all the best.

May 5, 2017

I have found the team at Awakenings to be courteous, compassionate, very helpful, and professional I was treated with TMS and have found it to be very successful to help my recovery from deep Depression.

I want to thank the staff at Awakenings, they were wonderful. The TMS program helped me tremendously. I am a new person that I didnt think would ever come back. Special thanks to Bev, Charles and Dr. Davila for their patience with me.

Dr. Davila is the best Psychiatrist in her field in my opinion and I’ve seen a few, along with a professional kind staff. When I find myself in a jam with either a script or a visit there is always a quick solution with this office. I highly recommend Dr. Davila!

Dr Davila and the team at Awakeningskc help me to get back to my job and to my family She is an exceptional listener and among medications and other treatments that she has in her facility such us TMS and IOP program gave me my life back.

Tms therapy is very promising, after only a third of my sessions. The TMS coordinator is very attentive and provides excellent care. Dr. Davila is always checking with me about my progress as i continue with my sessions.

This has been an amazing experience with iop helping build the skills I need to be able to manage my anxiety, bipolar and becoming sober. The tms is incredible its been a very long time since I have felt like myself being able to hold a job, make connections with people and have more involvement being dependable for my family.

I first met Dr. Davila at an intensive outpatient program after a stay in a psychiatric hospital. She very quickly diagnosed my condition and recommended a meds change that helped me a great deal. Since then, I have seen her during outpatient meds management appointments, as well as when participating in the Intensive Outpatient Program at her Awakenings clinic. She has always been very honest with me, and very supportive of my wishes for my care. She is also where I first heard about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which I haven’t had myself as I am manic instead of depressed, but I’ve heard very good things from others who have completed the treatment program. I would highly recommend Dr. Davila and her entire staff to anyone reading this, yes, even you! 😀

Dr.Davila is an experienced doctor who cares deeply about her patients. The IOP counsolers are caring and empathetic. I strongly recommend anyone who needs help contact them.

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