Bad Habits We Can Break That Are Linked To Depression And Anxiety

September 2, 2016 0

We often wonder if there are things that we are doing in our daily routine that actually increase our feelings of depression and anxiety. We also wonder if there are simple changes that we can make in our lives to decrease these feelings and provide us some relief. There are indeed things that we don’t think twice about during our day that add to our feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as unassuming changes that we can make in our lives, without much effort, to help reduce these feelings. We will discuss both below. We will talk over the things that increase depressive and anxious feelings while discussing what we can do about them. The changes will likely be far simpler than you have ever thought.

Lacking exercise and taking on the role of “couch potato” can serve as an increase in feelings of depression. Getting up and getting moving, even starting just a little at a time can have a great impact on mood. Eating unhealthy food makes us feel down on many levels. It makes us feel depressed, lethargic, and like we are not running in all cylinders. Eating a healthy and balanced diet makes us feel good from the inside out and makes us feel like we are operating at maximum functioning. If you live in the Midwest like me, you are all too aware that lack of natural light during those long winter months can make you feel more depressed. Getting a light machine, supplementing vitamin C, and doing anything that helps produce natural light around you helps counter this issue.

In continuing with the previous theme, not getting enough Vitamin D can cause feelings of depression. The winter months are just one of the factors that can cause low Vitamin D levels, and is a problem that is usually easily resolved with a daily vitamin F supplement. If you are feeling down and are not sure why, getting a vitamin panel from your doctor, and instructions for how much to take can make a huge difference. Another issue that should surprise no one is that poor sleep habits have a major impact on depression and anxiety. If we are not getting enough sleep, we are irritable, foggy, and do not let our brains reproduce enough of the chemicals that are responsible for mood. Many people do not realize that during the night we replenish these, as well as our immunities while we sleep. So poor sleep can leave our mood fluctuating, and us unwell. Simply remove electronics from the bedroom, as they stimulate us and prevent sleep, and make sure that you are going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day.

Being around the right people and avoiding the wrong people can help a great deal with our levels of depression and anxiety. Negative people bring up negative thoughts and feelings. If there are people who are toxic to you, and make you feel bad or anxious about being around them, they are people you might want to consider getting some distance from. If they are supportive and build you up, they are the type of people that are good to have around you when you are not feeling your best.

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